Day trip to Coorg

Last weekend we went to Coorg, about 2 hours drive from campus. We drove through bumpy roads most of the way there. Our first stop was at a Tibetan monastery to see the golden temples.

Golden Temple
Three of the largest statues
at the monastery

There were many
monks around

About fifty young boys were praying sincerely
to the beat of drums inside the right temple

We then went to see Abbey falls. It was moderately pretty.

Abbey Falls
Abbey Falls

There were some nice views from the high altitude of the location.

On the road from Abbeyfalls to Madikeri
A misty view on the route from
Abbey falls to Madikeri

Raja’s Seat
A view from the Raja’s Seat

Our last stop was at a bamboo forest. It was quite empty but there was a suspended bridge that swayed (if everyone together bounced on it hard enough), some tree houses, rabbits, dears and elephants. Antony managed to spot a small scorpion too!

The suspended bridge
into the forrest

A scorpion

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