Mosquito Bite


I got my first mosquito bite today, not bad going since it has nearly been four weeks here. I haven’t mentioned about the creepy crawlies here … well there aren’t that many really. There is this section by building two where a few of the UK students are living that has: a) lots of bats flying around at night and b) a swarm of dragon flies during the day and night! At first I thought the bats were birds … but after paying closer attention and asking, yes they are definitely bats. They literally fly past you, especially at the cark park next to building two where Jason parks his scooter.

Photo: Played some badminton this evening. One thing I really like is the layout of the lights: they are placed in between courts as opposed to on top of the courts. This makes it easier to smash since you can see the shuttlecock and not be blinded by the light.

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