Weekend in Bangalore Deux

 Tea at the Leela

Last Saturday morning we planned to take the train to Bangalore. As we set off at 7.30am in the morning, Jason asked, “Shall we just go with the bike?”, so I replied, “Sure, let’s go!”. And so we did, it took us 3.5 hours!

Once arriving there we met up with his friends Samdu and Hemant (Jason has spent two summers in Bangalore previously). They were really funny and fun to hang out with. Together we went to some malls, coffee shops, the Leela Palace Hotel, a Chinese restaurant with ridiculously great starters (!), more excellent Indian restaurants and also a few places during the evening to chill out while watching some live 20-20 cricket world cup matches which are popular over here.

Since Samdu and Hemant both had scooters, I got to ride around Bangalore. It was pretty fun. Weaving in and out of traffic is comparable to driving in Bangladesh, except the roads are bigger in Bangalore. The driving is very organic. The traffic lights have countdown clocks on them too which is handy.

We got back on Sunday evening. It rained a bit but other than that it was fine riding back. Hats off to Jason for all the stamina driving there and back.

Top photo: At a coffee shop at the Leela Palace Hotel. The passion fruit ice tea was gorgeous. There was free wireless Internet like in the US. That’s Samdu (L) and Hemant (R).

Bottom photo: Jason having fun riding the scooter.


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