Weekend in Bangalore

 Vidhana Soudha

We went to Bangalore this weekend. Some of the Reebok, Adidas, Nike and even Marks and Spencer shops were just like back home except with air conditioning and a guard to open the door. It is like a stepping in and out of the western world. I bought a CK Euphoria cologne from the forum mall and saved £6 compared to back home for a 50ml bottle. Not much of a saving, but the service was much better, the sales assistant literally made me smell about 10 different bottles (with coffee beans in between) before finally choosing.

It has been fun hanging out with most of the UK batch and the US batch too. Everyone arrived and left at different times but we managed to see most of each other. A funny part was when Rizwan “felt” others when walking down a street (using his “spider-sense”?) and a moment later we saw some of the UK batch!

We also ate some excellent steak! The restaurant was called “The Only Place” since cows are sacred here. I also had McDonalds and the chicken “Maharaja” burger was quite good. KFC was an exact replica expect the till ladies who wore very presentable make-up.

Bangalore is a bustling city great for shopping and eating. There wasn’t time much sightseeing, will have to go back for that next time. Hats off to Rizwan for organising the trip for the group I was in!

Photo: Some of us with the colossal Vidhana Soudha in the background.

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