Scooter hunting

Scooter hunting 

Today we got the permission to head out of the campus, so nearly everyone in our batch went into the centre of Mysore after work.

Jason and I wanted to get a scooter. It was not recommended by Infy for any of us to be driving let alone ride a 2-wheeler in Mysore since Indian traffic is very hectic and not orderly like back home. However, Jason has ridden a scooter before in Bangalore and I’ve driven in Bangladesh.

It took us about an hour and a half to locate a shop that rents motorcycles and scooters. We decided that Jason will rent out the very popular Honda Activa scooter for 100 Rupees (or £1.21) a day while I practice on it. We then bought our good quality helmets straight away.

One can tell Jason was experienced from the backseat. I had a little ride and was surprised how easy (and fun) it is to ride a scooter. Btw, I don’t recommend this at all to anyone who has not driven/ridden in such a country!

We later met up with the UK/US batches at a restaurant and ‘High Octane’ in the evening. The restaurant was great, the butter chicken was 10 times better than campus, yum! The ‘High Octane’ club was also great: excellent music, very clean & decent lighting even by western standards. It was nice to meet more facebook friends in flesh.

Photo: Jason letting me have a short go on the scooter we rented. Thanks for the picture Jon!

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