Indoor greenery

Indoor Greenery 

Today there was more induction training again and another good day overall.

During lunch we went to the food courts again and met more Indians. We met three women that went to IIT (this is India’s equivalent to the American Ivy league)! We asked kindly if it would be okay to join them of course … Jason and I were not sure how they would react, but they were very welcoming. They started a few days before us in a batch of 850 new freshers, one of Infy’s highest ever single intake apparently.

After work some of us played football except it was inside a track and field area which is still being built. It is just next to a futuristic ‘origami’ building and more like it … I keep pinching myself I’m in India here. The match was between ‘The West’ Vs ‘India’. The Indian Infoscions thrashed us Brits/Americans!

Later in the evening it was Peter’s birthday at the floating restaurant. There was a cake for him, a signed card by everyone and afterwards he got chucked into the outdoor swimming pool for kicks!

Photo: This was taken just outside the conference room our induction training has been taking place at. There are quite a few fountains and lots of greenery inside the Infosys Leadership Institute building. L->R: Kusum, Akhil, Jason, Rick, Ecta, Sanket, Sumit & Keval.

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