First day at work

First Day 

Well actually it was more of an induction day. We learnt about the company, had a team exercise (which included getting to know some Indian names by role playing family members – I was “Uncle Bottolanda” ), setting up bank accounts and last but by no means least we got to ask the CEO questions via a video conference!

For lunch Jason (a friend from Colorado) and I decided to eat what most Indians eat here instead of the really nice food at the “floating restaurant” (a restaurant that is on a moat) which costs four times the price of a meal at the food courts. We ate with our hands and sat next to some friendly Indians. It was nice meeting them and understanding what the South Indian food was, which tasted great, and learning where they are from in India. They are in production now and are working on a cheque processing system for a Canadian client.

Later we played badminton, table tennis and went bowling which cost 50p! There were high quality bowling lanes with couches, air conditioning (as are most buildings) and they played Ibiza music too. A friend, named Rizwan from the American batch, got lots of impressive strikes. The campus record here on the white board is 268 I think.

Oh, the UK batch here is great. Everyone comes across open mindedness, humorous and generally very friendly.

Photo: One of the team activities was to have one member of the role playing Indian family to be dressed up by only using newspapers, a stapler and sellotape. My team transformed me into a Roman soldier with sword, shield, a stylish skirt, toga, hat, a ring, necklace, shoulder pads all in 15 minutes. Thank you to Kusum for the picture!

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