Hong Kong

Next stop was Hong Kong. The main aim was “To get high in Macau. 100% natural high!” – this was is marketing slogan used by the bungy jumping company AJ Hackett who operate the world highest bungee jump (at 233 metres) on top of Macau Tower, and hour ferry from mainland Hong Kong. We paid for three jumps, the first at full price and the next two half price. The fourth jump was free!

Hong Kong itself was a great city: bustling, neon lights everywhere, tall buildings, large street TV screens at every other turn and a very reasonable but contemporary underground system that even has mobile phone reception. The local people we met were very nice. For example, Andrew and I went into a sushi restaurant and within seconds we met two locala who about 15 minutes later insisted on buying us some ‘meat fish balls’ from a street vendor.

Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee statue

Macau Tower
Macau Tower

Backward bungy jump

The Peak
The Peak

Some friendly locals we met

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