The journey to India was pretty long but overall fairly eventful. Initially we stayed at a hotel in London the evening before flying out the next morning. At the hotel we learnt how to play traditional West African djembe drums as a team building exercise. The idea was that we sound a lot better as an orchestra, paralleling the theory of team working in general. It was fun, but our hands took quite a beating. We later had dinner and two of the recruits were interviewed by the media.

We left the hotel at 6am the following morning for Heathrow. Apart from waiting 2 hours while boarded on the plane, which was sweltering (due to some runway difficulty), the rest of the flight via Bahrain to Bangalore was fine. We arrived at Mysore by coach.

The campus is pretty spectacular in terms of plantation. Everywhere you look there is some well designed piece of flower/tree display like a Japanese garden. The buildings reek of creative designs and it is thoroughly clean here.

We had to do a few photocopying errands on our first day but we had fun too such as riding around on the freely available bikes. There are pedestrian police men and women who WILL whistle loudly at you if you A) Get caught walking on the road during the day or B) Park your bike on the pavement (they are meant to be left by the bike parking areas). There are also funny signs here, including: “Recycled water is used for watering the plants not for human consumption”!

Would write more but I’m terribly jet lagged right now!

Photo: A view, literally, a few feet from the doorstep of my room. That Epcot looking building is the movie theatre!

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