Short stay in Chandigarh

I didn’t stay long in Chandigarh. The SAP training was intensive and weekends away made time fly by. For all the facilities the site didn’t have compared to Mysore, it definitely made up for with the Indian batch I worked with. They were upbeat, hardworking and generally very well natured.

There were enough little organized events too. There was a singing competition one evening, a few birthday parties another (with the ritual of cake cream going all over the face and rather painfull birthday kicks) and also an ‘ethnic day’ where everyone wore their state’s formal dress which was a nice change from office wear.

Chandigarh itself is a pretty good city, even by western standards. The local cinema is decent and there are plenty of places to dine and easy to get to using an auto rickshaw.

Birthday 1
Chetan’s birthday. Yep, this is what
happens to the birthday boy/girl!

Ethnic day
Ethnic day evening

Yep, even I didn’t escape the ‘cake on face’
ritual for an early birthday/farewell party!

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