Visa granted, hooray!

  Indian Visa

While nearly everyone in my batch who went to the India High Commission in London got their visas stamped on the day, a few were having trouble. Yep … I had to be one of the them!

It appears that further processing is required if you have Bangladeshi, Pakistani or a Sri Lankan origin. Even though I was born in the UK, my application was sent to New Delhi for further checks since my parents were born in Bangladesh. I informed Infosys who then contacted the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs who then approved my visa. Phew!

I was a bit worried at one point when I got in contact with a US graduate who never made it to Mysore since she wasn’t granted her visa. She also had Bangladeshi origins. However, she is now working for a leading consultancy firm anyway, so good for her. Furthermore, I needed my passport to go on holiday before training starts, so I’m really glad it came though on time!

I’ve taken all 8 vaccination injections now. My arms were pretty sore and I had a few bad headaches, but it’s all good! 😀

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