Taj Mahal

So, the big one. The Mughal beauty definitely lived up to expectations.

We aimed to get there at sunrise but due to security restrictions we had to leave our bags at a hotel. We ended up having breakfast and catching up. Unsurprisingly, there were plenty of westerners who also paid the 750 Rs ‘non-Indian national’ charge. The extra 730 Rs does buy you a bottle of water and shoe covers for walking inside the Taj though.

Upon entering the main gate the monument is a pretty spectacular view with the sunlight reflecting off the marble surface. It was fun seeing so many poses in action, including this one yoga student from Australia who posed while standing on her hands with the Taj in the background.

We hired a guide who told us all sorts of facts. The Taj Mahal (“Crown of the Palace”) was built for an emperor’s favorite wife after her death. They had 14 children together. The Taj is crowned with a brass finial several stories high and the towering minarets stand two degrees away from the main building, just incase they ever fall. Up-close the there was plenty of detailed Arabic writing, marble carvings and marble inlays.

It was nice to catch up with the gang, especially those who all traveled all the way from southern India.

Entrance to Taj Mahal
View from the main gate

Close to the Taj.
At close range

Everyone who came along
Rest of the gang on the day

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