New Delhi

I had a few spare hours in New Delhi while traveling to Chandigarh. To kill the time, I paid a taxi driver to take me around Delhi’s sightseeing highlights. Here are some pics:

Qutb Minar
Qutb Minar. Built in 1193 AD
which announcedthe advent
of Muslim sultans.

Qutb Pillars
Me near some carved pillars
at the Qutb complex.

Driving down the famous Rajpath
used for the annual republic day
parade. The India gate is in
the distance.

Lahore Gate
Lahore Gate. This is the
entrance to the Red Fort.

marble throne
A white marble throne-balcony
at Red Fort.

Peackock Throne
The Diwani-i-Khas Peackock Throne.
A past Shah used to be housed
here with his nobles.

Gilded ceilings
Gilded ceilings at the Diwani-i-Khas.
The Mughals lavishly decorated
the fort  with marble and gold.

Jami Masjid
Jami Masjid, India’s
largest Mosque.

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