Xmas & New Year’s

Happy new year everyone! Hope you are having a great start to 2008!

Due to exams it wasn’t possible to go anywhere far for Xmas or New Year’s, but I definitely enjoyed them both in Bangalore. We stayed at the dazzling Leela Palace both times. For Xmas I took a bog-standard 75 Rs. (£1) 3.5 hour bus from Mysore to Bangalore. It was fine really, just a bit noisy. Once meeting up with Andrew, Jason, Sambu and Hemant we toured around Bangalore in a nice chauffer driven Leela owned saloon. We also went to a packed Forum mall and had nice Thai massages too.

Xmas Forum Mall
Shambu & Jason at
the Forum Mall

Our chauffeur
Our chauffeur

For New Year’s we arrived by train and there was plenty going on at the Leela again. On New Year’s day we went paintballing which was great fun but exhausting due to the heat. It was an hour out of the city in where we saw plenty of software company buildings such as those of IBM, Accenture, Oracle and Intel. Accenture’s building actually has a helicopter landing!

Andrew on the train to Bangalore
Andrew on the
train to Bangalore


Topless Lamborghini
Another nice car at the Leela Palace.
This time a topless Lamborghini.


Johnny gets serious
Johnny getting serious

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