Dasara Parade

Three weekends ago a bunch of us went to the yearly Dasara parade which was held at the centre of Mysore. The procession started at Mysore Palace. The parade itself had some elephants and a lot of dances as expected. We couldn’t work out the meaning behind some of the performances, but they were energetic and colorful. The entire vicinity was completely packed. There were many people climbing metal frames, trees and just about anything that was climbable! However, I would recommend being very careful at such an event. It is pretty dangerous if you get caught up at the wrong place at the wrong time. I definitely learnt my lesson in the need to avoid crowded areas, and predicting where those crowds might occur.

The view
Bit of a shame the fence
was obstructing the view

Brave spectators
Some brave spectators

Elephants marching along
Elephants marching along

Packed seating area
The packed seating area

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