Sonu Niigam

A week ago there was a 10 day Dasara festival here in Mysore. There was a buzz in the city centre. There were projected screens at busy roads and a lot of events going on in the evenings.

Last Wednesday we ventured into town to observe about 45,000 people at a free concert. Sonu Niigam is one of India’s most famous singers, and he was definitely entertaining the crowd. I thought he was the James Blunt of India: popular, pop, tall, handsome and with bags of charisma. Before his act there were these more traditional Indian dancing which included some of the dancers *warning* this will make you cringe *warning* bent their backs, grabbed their feet and then rolled over! They also constructed some impressive human pyramids.

Sonu Nigam performing on stage
Sonu Niigam performing on stage

Zooming in on Sonu Niigam
Zooming in on Sonu Niigam

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