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So I’m going to India …

Wednesday, June 20th, 2007

Induction Day 

Hey folks,

So to bring everyone up to speed, I’ve recently graduated from the University of Surrey with degree in Computer Science & Engineering. As some of you may know I’ve accepted an offer from Infosys as a ‘Software Engineer’ and will need to complete 6 months of IT training in Mysore, India (near to Bangalore).  There will be about another 25 UK graduates joining me and we will meet up with the 125 or so US graduates who will have already arrived a month early.

I’m pretty much looking forward to the campus, training, meeting up the UK & US students already in acquaintance via facebook and last but by no means least the opportunity to discover Indian places and faces!!! 🙂

We fly out on August 31st. One bad news is that I need to take 8 vaccination injections!

Picture: Fellow colleagues during our induction day at the Infosys Canary Wharf office.