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Visa granted, hooray!

Sunday, July 29th, 2007

  Indian Visa

While nearly everyone in my batch who went to the India High Commission in London got their visas stamped on the day, a few were having trouble. Yep … I had to be one of the them!

It appears that further processing is required if you have Bangladeshi, Pakistani or a Sri Lankan origin. Even though I was born in the UK, my application was sent to New Delhi for further checks since my parents were born in Bangladesh. I informed Infosys who then contacted the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs who then approved my visa. Phew!

I was a bit worried at one point when I got in contact with a US graduate who never made it to Mysore since she wasn’t granted her visa. She also had Bangladeshi origins. However, she is now working for a leading consultancy firm anyway, so good for her. Furthermore, I needed my passport to go on holiday before training starts, so I’m really glad it came though on time!

I’ve taken all 8 vaccination injections now. My arms were pretty sore and I had a few bad headaches, but it’s all good! 😀

Introduction to Infosys

Monday, July 9th, 2007

London Meetup

So first update: I’ve taken four vaccination injections, read the Financial Times/Goldman Sachs business book of the year ‘The World Is Flat’ about globalisation featuring Infosys and a few of us managed to meet up in London one evening thanks to glorious facebook! It was great to see everyone, find out about their summer holidays and start brainstorming ideas for what we can do in India. These include visiting the golden triangle of India and possibility of motorcycling. We shall see … . It was also nice to meet new recruits who have been hired after the induction day too.

I still need to take four more injections. Fingers crossed the visa request goes smoothly, I’ve read about some issues lately from the US batch of students …

I’ll leave you with an Infosys  presentation clip played to us during the induction day.

Photo: Jeetandra, Jon, Me, Fu on the Waterloo Bridge.

So I’m going to India …

Wednesday, June 20th, 2007

Induction Day 

Hey folks,

So to bring everyone up to speed, I’ve recently graduated from the University of Surrey with degree in Computer Science & Engineering. As some of you may know I’ve accepted an offer from Infosys as a ‘Software Engineer’ and will need to complete 6 months of IT training in Mysore, India (near to Bangalore).  There will be about another 25 UK graduates joining me and we will meet up with the 125 or so US graduates who will have already arrived a month early.

I’m pretty much looking forward to the campus, training, meeting up the UK & US students already in acquaintance via facebook and last but by no means least the opportunity to discover Indian places and faces!!! 🙂

We fly out on August 31st. One bad news is that I need to take 8 vaccination injections!

Picture: Fellow colleagues during our induction day at the Infosys Canary Wharf office.